Digital marketing is growing at a fast pace. With this growth comes a deluge of marketing data that requires herds of data analysts to process. Teams spend copious amounts of time wrestling and processing data in order to draw out important insights, before formatting them into a PowerPoint presentation. 

While it is easy to buy in to the power of data, the data world is not accessible and approachable enough for people to use freely, confidently, and quickly. Sensing a growing opportunity for analytics to be leaner, smarter and friendlier, Dave decided to start Nugit in 2013. Pronounced “Nug-get”, our name signifies the uncovering of nuggets of insights hidden in data. 

We aim to get rid of complexity and make the data overload manageable for everyone. Through technology, Nugit transforms business data into decision-ready reports which are easy for people to understand and share. We simplify and humanise every aspect of the data experience to help people make data-driven (nuggets of) insights easier to find, digest and act on.


"We were thrilled to see the world-class engineering team and the fast adoption from enterprises, publishers and agencies. It has been impressive to see the intelligence of the Nugit platform, and how it offers enhanced efficiency and clarity to marketers. Nugit is part of a trend where global SaaS businesses are being built from Asia."

Pieter Kemps, Investment Advisor at Sequoia

Today, Nugit is still driven by the same desire to help people realise the possibilities of data, because decisions based on data, are simply better. We're generating reports and insights for over 30,000 active campaigns from some of the largest brands in the world. The company has global contracts to provide its automated technology to Facebook, as well as APAC agreements with Johnson & Johnson, Digi, Maxus (GroupM) and Publicis Media.


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CEO & Founder

An Australian entrepreneur based in Singapore, Dave has over 13 years of digital experience. He led search and insight teams at Maxus Asia Pacific and Datalicious. His expertise in digital strategy based on data-driven insights has won him and his team industry awards such as IAB Australia 2011, Asia Digital Media Awards 2011, and Magnets 2012 and 2013.

Passionate about realising the potential of data and technology to deliver better marketing, Dave feels it’s not enough to just build technology that automates data analytics reporting the way humans do it. The new generation of technology has to do a significantly better job and truly deliver a step change in insight quality.

He believes the combination of artificial intelligence, data science, scalable engineering and visual design can create enough value for marketers to break old habits and realise the gains of analytics at scale – faster, more frequent analysis of marketing data.


Nugit provides advanced data software to help our clients win in business



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