August Product Updates: Check out our new Nugits and DCM features

Aug 28, 2017 2:35:04 PM

Nugit hasn't slowed down an inch as we head into the last month of Q3. Here are the latest under the hood improvements we've made to help you up your game with your data analytics reporting:

New Tabular and Creative Nugits

Pivot Table Nugit

Introducing our new table visualisation Nugit: Pivot Table. This brand new tabular Nugit is available across all platforms, allowing you to easily visualise two dimensions and metrics together in one view. 

Report_Builder_PivotTable_Nugit (5)-1.pngAdwords Advertisers, rejoice!

You now have the option to review ad creatives in a more visual way through our Top Performing Ads & Ad Image Performance Nugit for Adwords. With these creative Nugits, you can track analytics performance by Display Ads screenshots & Video Thumbnails. This is a great way to showcase your ads on Display Network and YouTube through powerful visuals.

Top Performing Ads (1).png

Now available for Adwords!

DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) gets an Upgrade in Nugit!

Users can now compare DCM data across advertiser accounts more easily! Previously, users needed to slowly connect each campaign individually at Campaign level in order to get to the data required. With this new upgrade, Nugit can now connect your data at DCM Advertiser level, just like on the DCM platform itself!

DCM Report Export-1.png

On DCM...

Report_Builder_-_Nugit (4)-1.png

On Nugit - easily connect and compare your campaigns!

This gives you the:

  • Flexibility to easily compare across all Advertisers
  • Flexibility to drill down to Campaign Level  
  • Ease of tracking conversions and ROI, and benchmark performance between all client accounts 

Advertiser level inside Nugit.pngHead to Nugit to connect your DCM today! If you have any questions, simply contact your Nugit account manager - we'd be more than happy to help and walk you through the process.

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