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Customer Love with Nugit Reports

Published on Sep 19, 2016 23:30 PM

Helping our clients to deliver decision-ready reports instantly. That is what we (the Client Services Team) do at Nugit. It is not a secret that many of our current clients are brand account managers who are under pressure to deliver high quality work frequently . They have to deliver good and insightful reports and these reports should always have been finished yesterday!

When we are onboarding new clients or brands that our agency clients are working with, we help them in various ways; training, setting up sample reports, working sessions and QA sessions. New users are often very enthusiastic when they use Nugit - our professionally designed visualisations look great compared to boring excel files. What’s even better, they now have time for a proper lunch break instead of data wrangling and processing over a half-eaten lunch at their desk.

But the life of the client services team isn’t as ‘sweet’ as it seems. Sometimes we face ‘Resistance to change’, why?

1. If it aint broke, why fix it?
The people closest to the problems are often blind to it. Account managers are so used to spending hours and hours of copy and pasting and cleaning data. They are accustomed to their current way of working and they think it works. Yes indeed it works, but if you can achieve a better outcome in a shorter time, why not? Did you know that 50-80% of time is usually spent processing data before the analysis work even happens? By embracing technology in their daily work, account managers would be able to do so much more for their clients, make that additional campaign analysis or optimize another ad-hoc campaign.

2. There is no urgency to start
Once it’s set up, account managers save invaluable man-hours every week and every month. If they don’t start, nothing will actually change and if there is no urgency created by Management, there is no hurry to change.

3. Users have to invest time first
Even though Nugit is very user friendly, it is another tool (you are probably already using at least 5 different tools). With a little bit of help you are a Nugit professional in 1 hour, which is nothing compared to the time you will save. But you still need to invest 1 hour before you get the benefits.

4. Nugit is scary because it is innovative and new
Nugit is a rapidly growing startup with dedicated employees, who work hard on expanding and improving the platform even further with new features, professionally designed charts and important integrations Around 80% of the employers at Nugit are developers working hard on expanding and improving Nugit every single day. This may mean you see updates to our platform pretty frequently, which may be a surprise to you. But, don’t forget about your Client Services Team which is always happy to help you :)

Even though we might face some ‘Resistance to change’ at the start. We often see the ‘Grapevine’- effect as well. Frequently, we nurture one or two ‘power-users’, people who are very comfortable and familiar with the platform and can churn reports out in minutes. Once their colleagues or end clients see the presentation they are often convinced that Nugit is the right tool!

As part of the Client Service Team, we know it's vital that we keep working closely together with the power-users and promoters of Nugit, so that everyone can have a lunch break again and receive interesting reports with smart insights, instead of plain old boring excels.

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