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Design: More than just good looks

Published on May 29, 2017 18:00 PM

For those who are familiar with Nugit and work in our vicinity (Tanjong Pagar), you may have realised that we’ve taken over 55 Amoy Street entirely.

As the team expanded, we naturally needed more space and started taking root here. The awesome little Vietnamese restaurant is still next door though, don’t fret. Pho is still on the menu.

We like to apply our approach to data visualisations to everything, and our own workspace was no exception. Just as how great design helps display data in a more effective, intuitive way, data has shown that people thrive in lively, vibrant workspaces, helping boost creativity and productivity. And no wonder – working adults spend a third of their lifespan on average at the office; it only makes sense to ensure comfort. The inviting workspaces at Google, Facebook, Airbnb and LinkedIn have gotten so much coverage that adoption is picking up – it’s no longer a trend, it’s fast becoming a norm.

Feast your eyes on our new space below: 

We love our cosy pantry stocked with healthy snacks and drinks to keep our team fueled. It comes complete with a coffee machine for barista-wannabes! We've had a few walk-ins to the "latest hipster cafe in town". 

The space has become a hangout area for us during lunch and after work, and yes we have had a few parties held here since launched! 

Our dear old faithful foosball table takes its place under our Edison light feature.

So if you’re ever in the area, drop by and say “Hi!”, stay for a foosball game (or two) and try your luck at maybe getting an espresso martini (Fridays are best for those).


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