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Is Reporting your Worst Nightmare?

Published on Oct 27, 2016 20:30 PM

Are you turning as white as a ghost when you think about the reports which are due every month? Did you know that on average, 50-80% of analyst time is spent on data wrangling before any analysis can be made? Let Nugit help you leapfrog this process and create your reports magically in minutes! Join our webinar where we show you how to get from Data to Decisions efficiently.

During this webinar we will be sharing:

  • Overview of how Nugit helps you to automate your reporting
  • Creating a Nugit report from an existing template
  • Set up a new customised report
  • Overview of different ‘Nugits’ which help you to visualise your data
  • Sharing and scheduling your reports

Join our webinar on 8th November (Tues)

12.30pm SGT/10.00am IST/14.30pm AEST

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