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Introducing 'Observations’, powered by Nugit’s Natural Language Generation technology.

Published on Apr 17, 2019 3:30 AM

Give data instant impact with new Data Storytelling 'Observations'.

Here at Nugit, when we pair a visualisation with a human text explanation we fondly refer to it as a 'nugit'. We have lots of different 'nugits', each designed to help highlight insights in a way they can be understood most effectively. There are map nugits to showcase geographic data, audience nugits for demographic insights, graph nugits that show data over time and dozens more.

The latest nugit to join our library is focussed on 'Observations’. This text and image nugit is different. There are no charts and no tables, just an icon next to beautifully crafted English language sentences that bring out the key highlights in your data. What’s even better is they are totally automated, turning reports into stories that change as data is explored and filtered. It's a great way to help your audience focus on the key findings they need in just a quick glance.

Observations at scale?

You can leave it to Nugit to automate the findings. Natural Language Generation will make sure the statements are written in easy-to-understand human speak. Got something specific to say? That's fine too, you can easily overwrite it to show your own observations.

The Observations Nugit can help to give your data instant impact and deserves its place in most data stories. Here are some of our favourite ways to use it...

1. Hands-free experience to automate the findings in your reporting.

This is perfect for Agencies, Analysts or anyone who wants to provide reporting for their clients or stakeholders. The observation nugit lets you add comparison periods, mention key trends in the data and more. Now you can easily scale your reporting to give your stakeholders regular updates in plain English, without breaking a sweat.

Including at-a-glance observations enables Brand teams to quickly understand their campaign performance & get a sense of where their budget is working hardest.

You can include automatic observations about pretty much anything in your data, just pick which metric you're interested in and let Nugit do the rest.

Pick CPC to get an observation that shows which campaign creative is driving the best-priced clicks. Or focus on observations about individual platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, Google-Ads, Twitter or any other data sources you have connected with API integrations.

This example shows an observation Nugit being used to quickly draw attention to performance highlights. 

2. Frame it with Questions

You can use the Observation nugit to showcase answers to your key business questions. "How are sales tracking?" or "Which products are getting the most clicks?" If you're a data analyst or someone besieged daily with questions from all around the business, whip up a quick Data Story in Nugit that readers can access on their own. This gives them the ability to self serve as well as giving you a break. In just a few clicks your colleagues can even configure the date range to look at different periods in time or add on comparison periods as benchmarks.

The Observation nugit can help Marketplaces give Merchants regular heads up about their business performance. "Which are my top performing lines this week?" or "What page of my website has the biggest drop off this week?". Real life questions with business enhancing answers.

All Nugit's features are designed to enable everyone in your company to become a great data storyteller. Explore the Story Builder, easy sharing & scheduling options and industry-leading visualisations on the Nugit Platform tour.

3. Let’s get visual!

The Observation Nugit would not be complete if we didn’t help you to customise it. Shape the look and feel of your report with a choice of icons or add your own photos or illustrations to help bring out the story you are trying to tell. Create a compelling piece of dynamic, data-powered content that you can use to communicate out to your stakeholders.

This is a powerful way for an enterprise to communicate data with other departments. The observation Nugit helps to make your data concise, visual & easy to absorb for even the most right-brained teams. 

So there you have it. Sitting comfortably together with the whole library of visualisations already available, the Observations Nugit is customisable to fit your use case and will help take your automated Data Storytelling to the next level.

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