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See Things Clearly with Nugit Usage Tracking & New Visualisations

Published on Jul 3, 2019 5:30 AM

If you take a trip to the innovation HQ @Nugit’s Datalab on Amoy street you’ll see our team of Product Innovators & Data Engineers hard at work on the next wave of product updates. We are continuously refining details, adding new features and exploring how we can make our product features and service even better.

Here are some of the latest product improvements to go live…

Nugit Usage Analytics

How much do your clients actually interact with your reports? Do they soak up every word and take action or do they get sidetracked halfway through? Or worse still, do they not even open them?!

If you’re sick of guessing about the engagement of your reporting then this new service improvement will be music to your ears…                                                                                

Not only can Nugit help you to automatically create beautiful, personalised, Data Story reports… now you can monitor and improve their usage & engagement too. Your Nugit CS Manager is able to track the usage of your Data Stories and will be happy to help you learn all about the ways you can boost engagement with your audience. They will work with you to understand...

- Are emails being delivered successfully, and opened by Clients?
- What are your most engaging Stories?
- Who are the Top Users?
- Do people read to the bottom of your Data Stories & complete any CTAs?

You can have visibility of your own teams usage too, helping to make sure that Data Storytelling is being adopted throughout your organisation...

- What are my team(s) doing on the Nugit platform?
- Who is Creating, Viewing or Editing the most stories?

Nugit customers! Make the most of this complementary new service, just ask your Customer Success Manager to get started today.

Image: Examples of the different usage reports available using Nugit

New Visualisations

Our ever-growing suite of visualisations has a couple of new additions this month. Each Nugit visualisation is designed to very quickly showcase an insight for a particular type of data. Visuals are thought to be processed up to 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain - plus they make your Data Stories look great.

Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart

The new Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart allows users to visualize more complex information than the conventional Bar Chart. This makes it great for using when you want to show data that has subgroups like the example shown below. By hovering over any section of the bar chart your audience will be able to see exact numbers for each subgroup as well for complete clarity.

Comparison Line Chart

This handy line graph helps you to quickly check performance against a previous period, displaying a very clear comparison. Whether you want to view performance year on year or you’re interested to know how current performance compares to a particular time period, just toggle the date range to show what you need and voila! You can hover over the lines to see the exact results too.

We are constantly innovating to make Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform the best it can possibly be. Our goal is to help all businesses become great data storytellers, equipping them with the skills they need to transform all their confusing data into digestible data stories for real people.

Have questions? Contact the Nugit team to find out more.

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