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Content Discovery is easier than ever with our NEW Story Library.

Published on Feb 18, 2019 3:00 AM

"About a year ago we shifted our company product strategy from being data first to #storyfirst. We've become obsessed with finding scalable product solutions that make it simple for companies to analyse and share data-driven insights without all the pains that usually come with this."

"We wanted to make it easier for users to not just create and share a data story easily, but more importantly, discover new content and browse the teams' activities."
Dave Sanderson. CEO & Founder of Nugit

dave sanderson

More than a pretty new face.

Decluttering, organizing and establishing healthy new habits is what the New Year is all about for many people. So what better time to launch our biggest UX upgrade to date? Our Data Storytelling Platform is getting a rather exciting makeover.

The highly visual new interface groups stories into clear categories based on individual users preferences, making it more intuitive to navigate as they grow their collection of data stories.

CEO Dave Sanderson says “Our goal is to move away from a purely functional homepage relying on the user to search for what they need, to a more sophisticated layout and UX that drives content discovery and consumption”

^ A glimpse of our fresh new Story Library UX. Why not book a demo and see more?

Uncovering the hidden stories in your data.

The new interface will make it much easier for users to discover relevant insights in their data that they may not have known existed or ever thought to search for.

Product Manager Mito Ye says “With larger teams joining Nugit every week, we wanted to make it easy for users joining the team to discover the amazing stories that their colleagues have created as quickly as possible. The more stories they can explore, the more they learn about their business. That’s what the story library is all about.”

The upgrade has been well received by customers that have had early access to help us test it...

“We LOVE the new homepage. Previously it was getting difficult as we produce data story reports for a lot of clients and we need to be able to visualise all the reports in one place. This new design makes it so much easier ” - Joey Aquino - Digital Ad Operations Analyst @Alleygroup

A firm favourite feature is the 'Stories Created by...' and 'Last Modified' sections which help users to navigate to their current work in progress easily.

^ Discover helpful new content in a click

Innovation Inspiration. Surf Your Stories.

Shamelessly inspired by Netflix, Tech Crunch and amazing content companies, this massive upgrade is all about making data fun, simple and accessible to anyone. To make sure the new UX is designed with a clear visual hierarchy so that it's effortless to browse, the team looked to some of the leading lifestyle technologies for inspiration. The user-friendly layouts used by Spotify, Netflix and Apple TV are some of our favourites. These lifestyle products all solve a similar problem, serving up the right selection of content for a user, helping them to find what they need as well as discover extra stuff that they might not have heard about.

Mito continues “The great thing about taking inspiration from these kinds of lifestyle brands is that everyone is already so familiar and comfortable with the UX. It makes it feel less like you’re at work dealing with analytics. We’re essentially bringing surfing channels lounge-style into your office.”

^ Netflix know how to build sleek UX

^ Apple TV & Spotify are some of our other fave inspirations

Interested in the Psychology behind great UX design? 

Scaling up Data Stories

The need for this more sophisticated UX is driven by the scale at which users are now creating and viewing stories. Within the Customer Success Team, we've seen first hand that story views have been increasing by 20% month on month and show no sign of slowing down.

One of our clients, Johnson & Johnson, have already created almost 1000 data stories and are expecting to ramp up further as they continue to roll out Nugit in more and more territories. With topics focussed on everything from Video Performance in Korea to Keyword Analysis in India, it’s important that their teams can hone in on what they need quickly and easily.

As well as relying on their own data stories, having access to their teams' data stories from all over the region means J&J teams leads have valuable insights at their fingertips. A Brand Marketing Lead in Thailand, for example, might want to see an overview of all digital channels to track top-level performance and explore anything unexpected. While a digital strategist might want to use a campaign performance story for a much more granular drill-down into performance, to look for optimization opportunities on audience targeting and creative.

Jyoti Jain, Director of Advanced Analytics for J&J APAC explains “We’re all looking at the same single source of truth, a Nugit data story which is so compelling. It takes away the labour of collecting that information and organising it.”

Jyoti continues "When our head of Beauty Category talks to somebody in Korea or somebody in Australia, she’s not translating her medium of conversation suddenly. It’s very seamless to her and that’s really been transformational.”

^ Find out how Johnson & Johnson found a single source of truth across brands and markets.

Data for People – always.

The development team here at Nugit are constantly looking for ways to make our user experience even better to give you the ultimate Data Story experience. Want to learn more about Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform? Why not watch video tasters of some of the top features. Or even better book a live demo today.

This is the first of several updates we’ve got planned for the months ahead. Stay tuned for more.

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