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Storytelling with Nugit Insights for Yahoo Gemini

Published on Dec 5, 2016 2:00 AM


Are you running Yahoo Search or Native campaigns? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got great news for you! Nugit is proud to introduce our integration for Yahoo Gemini. In addition to being a powerful reporting automation tool for users, this integration also means that telling stories from advertising data is no longer limited to just Google Adwords and Facebook Ads; 

you can now achieve it with Yahoo’s ad platform. If you’re doing a holistic online marketing campaign, Nugit allows you to compare the performance across Adwords Network, Yahoo Search and Native. Here’s how to get smarter about your Yahoo Gemini performance & targeting with our new Nugits:

Campaign Explorer Nugit for Yahoo Gemini Search & Native

Deliver simple, insightful reports that highlight campaign performance over a week, month or custom date range.

Funnel Analysis

Find out your conversion rates and how successful your sales funnels are.


Paid Search Keywords Nugit

Find the top performing keywords, across one Yahoo Gemini account or many. Group by Ad Group, Campaign or Account, with our interactive Keyword Performance Nugits.

Video Engagement

Analyse video engagement across your campaigns to improve view through rates and reach your goals.


There are many more insights to explore inside Nugit. Can’t find the Nugit you want for Yahoo Gemini? Create your own easily with our powerful Report Builder. Drag and drop the data you need and filter them to create any report you want! In addition, our Custom Metrics feature allows you to incorporate additional formulas required. Try it for yourself by requesting for a trial account here! Our team would be more than happy to help.


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