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The Difference Between Tableau and Nugit

Published on May 17, 2017 16:00 PM

A non-paid presentation brought to you by Nugit, about Nugit =)

All views expressed here are not just our own, and completely unbiased, of course.

In summary, while Tableau is a viable solution for companies looking jump on the business intelligence bandwagon, it’s definitely not the most user friendly nor cost-effective option. For example, do you use a data extract or live connection? What's the difference and is one better than the other? It requires some technical knowledge and while it provides you with data insights, it’s still not done in a format that is presentation ready, i.e. able to be broadly shared across various levels of business and technical users. Beyond that, there's still manual work to be done, which leaves you open for errors.

Think of Tableau as a high end DSLR camera – it could be an amazing piece of equipment, but only in capable hands that have the budget. Other smaller, more agile companies are offering solutions like your favourite digital point-and-shoot cameras, where you can still take high quality photos, then easily edit, and share immediately on Instagram, Facebook and the world. 

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