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Who really Watches your Videos?

Published on Jan 17, 2017 18:30 PM


The rise of video is not slowing down as more people consume visual content. So it makes sense that an increasing number of brands and marketers run YouTube campaigns. But are you getting the right insights into your video campaigns?
Find out who’s really watching your videos with Nugit for YouTube. Besides being a powerful reporting automation tool for users, this integration also means that you get to tell actual stories from your data on YouTube. Monitor the performance of your channels and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports. Get insights on:


Keep track of your video content performance. Easily compare view analyses across all videos for insights that help uncover what drives your audience.


Measure the subscribers gained from each video to understand audience trends and what they truly enjoy watching.


Get a more in-depth understanding of your audience with likes / dislikes / shares and other feedback. Discover which videos are the most engaging and resonate with your audience, and which ones have less impressive impact.


Find out which video generates the most revenue in order to develop more compelling content for a healthier bottom line.

New to Nugit? Then you’re in for a treat as there are many more insights to explore. If you can’t find the Nugit you want, you can create your own easily with our powerful Report Builder. Simply drag and drop the data you need and filter them to create a customised report. In addition, our Custom Metrics feature allows you to incorporate any additional formulas required. Try it for yourself by requesting for a trial account here! Our team would be more than happy to help.



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