Audi Dealerships Are In the Driving Seat With Automated Data Stories

The Problem

When Mediacom launched the national rollout of SEM campaigns for the Audi Australia Dealerships, a large number of reports needed to be created on a monthly basis. Mediacom teams were tasked with producing around 37 reports to various dealership marketing managers and each report consisted of data from a number of sources such as AdWords, Analytics and Marin. They needed to find a solution to correlate and combine the data and present it in an easy-to-digest, client-facing manner. 

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In order to do this, the team at Mediacom needed to first manually extract the data across the platforms, analyze all the data to provide useful insights and then manipulate it into an excel report, all before presenting this to the client. With a total of 37 reports to be created monthly, it was no small task. The painfully tedious, manual process took up to a week to prepare, split among a team of 4.

The Nugit Experience - A Whole New Way

With the team now using Nugit, the entire process has been shortened to less than a day. Team members now simply input the date range they want to see, and the Nugit platform shows all the relevant results with an easy-to-understand comment explaining each insight. This helps the team to quickly identify any opportunities, and with more time available, they can focus on optimising their campaigns for better performance.

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Swapping Reports for Data Stories

Audi can use their brand theme and colours so that each Dealership gets a slick, on-brand Data Story that follows a clear, straightforward narrative. The visualisations that accompany each insight show exactly what's going on and make the Data Story reports look impressive.

“The client (Audi) really enjoys having an easy-to-read Data Story report that contains all the data they need, which they usually had to find themselves, delivered consistently at the start of each month."

— Nick Hinchley, Performance Manager, Mediacom

The new Data Story reports help Audi dealers to spot trends and identify top performing campaigns. From the insights gathered in the Nugit platform, everyone is able to easily analyse month-on-month trends, as well as creative and model performance. This allows dealers to pinpoint which models are popular from a search perspective monthly, and which call-to-actions are resonating with the audience. From there, Audi Australia are able to make more strategic marketing decisions to increase revenue.

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