D3 - Our Secret to Wowing Customers & Giving Great ROI.

New Zealand based digital agency D3 is doing things a bit differently. With just a handful of global advertising networks now dominating the media landscape, D3 believe local New Zealand businesses can get a bad deal in a market largely designed to service global clients. D3 focusses on outcomes measured through data and building trusted relationships, priding themselves on being able to deliver results to their local clients faster and more effectively than the competition. 

Co-Founders Alex Radford and Richard Thompson both have a strong digital background, with impressive previous roles that include running Dentsu Digital Operation in NZ, i-Prospect, the Programmatic Trading Desk and KPEX. After growing frustrated with the lack of resource and time that big agencies are able to dedicate to their clients, Alex & Richard decided to set up their own digital transformation agency - and so in late 2018 D3 was born. 

Alex (far left), Richard (back, right) and the D3 team.

Alex is all too familiar with the issues of dealing with large amounts of complex data. “Back in my I-prospect days I used to manage 2 people that would spend all day pretty much every day doing reporting, of which probably 60-70% of those reports were never seen by a human being. It was necessary to build the complex spreadsheets and reports to get the insights but clients just wanted to get the headlines. ‘What’s happening? Why did it happen?’”

The Search for a Solution…

The duo had a clear idea of what they wanted for their new venture. “When we set up D3 we were determined to find a reporting suite which wouldn’t take expensive human resource lots of hours to construct. We wanted something that’s automated as much as possible and delivers reporting which clients actually want to read.”

With lots of software solutions on the market Alex & Richard took time to do their research. “We looked at building Data Studio reports using Google. We tried custom reports in Tableau but again, they were so boring. They were just like spreadsheets but a bit more colourful. We looked at Datorama but found it too static and impossible to share insights without lots of manual work. We tried all sorts. As soon as I saw Nugit I was like well that’s what we want. Something which is smart, it can build the reporting suites that we need and it looks much more interesting than the competitors."

"Being a small agency we wanted points of difference from the big agencies.”

An example of a weekly performance data story for one of D3s brands, My Foodbag.

The impact of Nugit… on Clients

Being a performance lead business, it’s D3s clients that need to be impressed by Nugit.

“Oh our clients absolutely love it."

"We’ve recently started customising the reports with branding and story formats tailored to individual clients. It’s made a huge difference and feedback from clients has been really, really positive. They’re super happy.”

“Most of our clients are brand and marketing people that understand pictures much better than numbers. Nugit enables them to talk to performance marketers in the same language. So rather than looking at a spreadsheet that shows ‘search ad performance’, being able to see the ad, see the creative and understand how it’s been performing over the last 6-8 weeks just gives them a lot more clarity and confidence in what we’re doing.”

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Nugit automatically connects and combines data from different sources including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Twitter (and many other data integrations) giving D3 and their clients a clear cross-channel view of their campaigns.

“For the weekly reports, Nugits' automated natural language statements like “Transactions were up 50% from last week” really help our clients to quickly identify important trends."

“The single thing they love more than anything is pulling through the Facebook & Display Creatives. “Which one is working best?” “How much money’s been spent on them” “What’s the performance been?” They LOVE those reports. One of our clients actually looks at it every morning and they make some of their biggest decisions around that.”

Nugits' audience insights have had a massive impact on one of our clients ‘My Foodbag’. Nugit has surfaced insights about their target demographics, highlighting big areas of wastage. 'My Foodbag’ have now completely changed their targeting strategy as a result, reducing wastage and improving ROI.

The impact of Nugit… on D3

The flexibility of Nugit gives D3 agility to work the way they need. “Nugit 100% proves the ROI that we provide to our clients and helps us to make decisions that impact that return.”

“More than that, Nugit has become the centre of our working rhythm. On a Monday morning our clients come in for a strategic meeting along with the creative agency to make decisions about what we’re going to do in terms of optimisation for the following week. Nugit data stories are at the centre of those meetings."

"The stories make insights consumable to everyone."

"It means we’re able to sit down together and make decisions about any underperforming creative or if a particular channel’s not working properly. All of the key decisions we’re making are based around what we’re seeing in Nugit.”

“The creative agencies we work with love it as well. They can access the Nugit data stories whenever suits them and drill down into what they need from there. We’re about to go live with a really big campaign. Normally we’d have about 30 Facebook Creatives in the market at any one time but we’re about to go up to over 100. The creative agency will be using Nugit to look at that closely every day to see what’s working and what’s not working.”

Alex continues “For me looking at something like Nugit it’s a lot easier to understand in terms of the story rather than looking at 2-dimensional spreadsheets. I really like the budget tracker stories that show where you are against target. I can see all of my clients and where they’re up to in terms of budget. From an agency perspective, we’re a commission based business so making sure we’re on target is very important for us. But also for our clients making sure that they’re on target... we need to make sure that week on week on week we’re hitting and beating target. As the owner of the business, being able to use Nugit to monitor those 2 really important pieces of information is very valuable.”

With a choice of ways to share stories, D3 has found that different story formats work best for them in different situations. "For our weekly reporting, we have a Data Story live on screen while we sit down and discuss. A couple of our clients like to receive automated daily pdfs. We also use the download to PowerPoint tool so we can use Data Stories in our monthly and quarterly review."

What's the Verdict?

Nugit Customer Success team have been supporting D3 throughout the onboarding process to ensure that everyone in the team is empowered to create the best data stories with real business impact. Alex concludes "I think Data Storytelling is a gamechanger. In digital & performance marketing there’s a real habit of looking at what happened and not why it happened. Nugit allows you to delve more into the why and less into the what. It enables people to start thinking more strategically."

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