Nugit helps Ogilvy Automate LinkedIn Reporting for Tech Giant

“Nugit has helped me eliminate the hours spent on manual checks and creating graphics on excel sheets, while trying to analyze these huge chunks of data. It’s an efficient, effective and scalable solution.”

— Nancy, Regional Digital Manager

Delivering large scale reporting for one of the world’s leading tech firms is no mean feat, particularly if paid media is spread over 10 different publishers, including LinkedIn. As one of Ogilvy Singapore’s major accounts, it made sense to run Sponsored Content, Text Ads and Sponsored InMails for the tech firm, with a focus on awareness and lead generation across four major products. Initially, the reporting process involved the use of multiple resources and tools for data wrangling. This manual approach saw the team spending multiple hours spread across several days, reporting on each of these for their client.

Before Nugit

As such, the Ogilvy team identified a need for software that could not only report on weekly results, but streamline their reporting process to highlight areas of the account that needed to be prioritised, and weren't performing as well as expected.

The Nugit Experience

Today, Nugit automates a huge bulk of Ogilvy’s current LinkedIn reports - about 60 to 80 monthly - uncovering deeper insights through our conversion funnel and data visualisations. Our platform also enables Ogilvy to: 

1) Combine LinkedIn ads data with their offline lead conversion tracking, giving clarity on the entire customer journey.

2) Segment audience insights by job title, job seniority, company industry and geographical location.

3) Proactively track budgets and KPIs to deliver the best value for the client from LinkedIn campaigns.

Combined, this results in more efficient planning and optimisation of LinkedIn campaigns. Sharing these data stories to the client and other senior managers is also much easier as Nugit reports are presentation ready and can be scheduled for automated delivery to multiple inboxes.

Take The Nugit Platform Tour

“Nugit allows us to take the ownership of managing marketing for our client account successfully; it provides good snippets of how I can tweak and fix campaigns across various platforms. With an easy to understand interface, I can use it effectively to understand how my budget is being spent and how I can plan it better.

This isn't a story for one account, but one that can be applied to any. I love how easy it is to see how the account has performed for any given time period. It makes it easy to pinpoint where budget shifts should happen, which campaign/ ad group/ keyword has performed well, and which hasn't, allowing fast optimization changes to happen. This ensures all accounts perform better week on week. When you manage a lot of accounts, being able to see performance at a glance is crucial and extremely useful”.

— Mahima Kaur, Senior Regional Digital Manager

After Nugit

Through technology, Nugit transforms business data into decision-ready reports which are easy for people to understand and share. We simplify and humanise every aspect of the data experience to help people make data-driven insights easier to find, digest and act on. With the LinkedIn API granted in early April, Nugit will now be able to display new capabilities to tell a better story with LinkedIn data, such as visual displays of LinkedIn ad creatives and their effectiveness (shown below).

Ogilvy uses Nugit to combine LinkedIn data with their offline lead conversion tracking. See which other Data Sources can be integrated with Nugit.