Case Study: Nugit Automates Publisher Reports for over 50,000 Advertisers

Get the details on how we enabled one of the biggest U.S. Publishers to automate all their reports for over 50,000 advertisers with Nugit. From customised Nugits to bespoke workflows, here's the scoop on how we helped advertisers to plan their campaigns better.

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Case Study: Leading Consumer Healthcare Automates Reports for over 8000 Ad Accounts

Nugit helped a consumer healthcare conglomerate gather insights for over 8,000 ad accounts. Deeper analyses were made using Nugit’s interactive reports. Here’s how we did it with real-time data access for 18 marketing teams and their agencies. 

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Case Study: Nugit helps Ogilvy Automate LinkedIn Reporting for Tech Giant

Delivering large scale reporting for one of the world’s leading tech firms is a huge responsibility. Find out how Nugit worked with Ogilvy to  streamline their reporting process that involved the use of multiple resources and tools for data wrangling, saving them several manhours that was better focused on strategy. 

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Nugit x Audi Case Study

Case Study: Audi Australia receives 37 Reports in a Day and Finds Monthly Dealership Trends

Automating your reports can help cut down man hours, saving you both time and reducing the risk of human error. Learn how Nugit worked with Mediacom to produce 37 reports that normally could take over a week, to a single day, for Audi Australia and their dealerships.

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