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Social Media Integrations


Facebook Ads

Analyse and share insights into Facebook Ads performance including Creative Analysis, Targeting, Placement Reports and Country Benchmarking.


Facebook Pages

Monitor performance of your organic Facebook Pages across Reach, Page Engagement, Fan demographics and Geographic metrics.


Twitter Ads

Get a pulse into your microblogging insights on Profile metrics, Tweet views and reach, as well as Card engagement for both text and video,

Linkedin Ads & Nugit

Linkedin Ads

Get unique insights into ad targeting. Compare performance based on job seniority, company size and industry, as well as regular reports on key metrics, campaign and conversion objectives.

Instagram Ads & Nugit

Instagram Ads

Analyse Instagram ad performance, identify which audience is driving results, benchmark placements and compare each creative, plus lots more.

YouTube Ads & Nugit

YouTube Ads

Compare Youtube video campaigns, analyse subscribers and engagement. See which video is driving the highest view times.



Search Marketing Integrations

Google Adwords & Nugit

Google Adwords 

Automate insights to Campaign performance via Keyword, Ad Copy and Search Query reports. Easily integrate with non-Google platforms or offline media to compare results across your digital activity.

Bing Ads & Nugit

Bing Ads

Integrate reporting with other organic and paid media with performance across Campaigns, Keyword, Video creative and more.

Yahoo Gemini Ads & Nugit

Yahoo! Gemini

Identify your top performing Ad Copy with native character language support and present straight to Powerpoint!

DoubleClick DS Search & Nugit

DoubleClick Search

Share insights on your Search Term, Floodlight tag conversion metrics, effectiveness of Keyword types, Location settings per Campaign, bid strategy and other dimensions in DS.

Baidu Search Ads & Nugit

Baidu Ads

Glean insights from Chinese search giant Baidu for a regional view by platform or campaign across your search investments.


Kenshoo Ads & Nugit


Analyze which campaigns are driving ROI across your platforms and optimise across Social, Search and Display channels.



Website Analytics Integrations

Google Analytics & Nugit

Google Analytics

Look at Trends in your website performance across Source, Medium, Channel to optimise strategy and identify your top performing content, audience demographics and interests, to name a few.

Google Analytics Premium & Nugit

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics Premium (GAP) users glean automated insights on non sampled data to optimise your website content to attract quality traffic.

Adobe Site Catalyst & Nugit

Adobe Site Catalyst

The easier alternative to Adobe Data Workbench. Get elegant reports on your site metrics created by simple drag and drop.


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Display and Programatic Media Integrations


DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Deliver insights on which devices and ad formats are delivering the highest ROI for your campaigns.

Doubleclick Bid Manager & Nugit

DoubleClick Bid Manager

Find out what is trending across your programmatic display campaigns and access insights to optimise your buys across inventory. 

Sizmek & Nugit


Optimise your rich media creative for the best dwell times. Ensure oversight over Viewability rates.

Miaozhen Ads & Nugit


Visualise clear return on ad spend [ROAS] with transparency into audiences, viewability, invalid traffic, and brand safety metrics.

The Trade Desk & Nugit

The Trade Desk

Bypass manual analysis of log file data and sharpen your precision targeting and budget allocation with data driven insights.




Other Integrations



Google Drive & Nugit

Google Sheets

Unify your Gdrive excel documents in Nugit and present content in a collated report instead of separate GSheets.

CSV Data & Nugit

CSV and Spreadsheets 

Crunch diverse sets of offline business data and output sleek visualisations instead of presenting rows and tabs of text to stakeholders.

Tableau Data Visualisation & Nugit


Pipe in your existing stack for data integratons including majority of the marketing data stack.

Mixpanel & Nugit


Upgrade your web and mobile analytics visualisation for your user engagement funnel analysis.


Let Nugit carry the burden of analysing and sorting through your data with over 24 integrations you can synchronise and start using today.

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Nugit supports dozens of internal and other API data sources not listed here. Contact our Data Experts to learn more about adding your data to Nugit and start telling Data Stories fast. 



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