Visualise your Redshift Data with Nugit

Now you can create beautiful Nugit data stories using your Amazon Redshift Data, or combine Amazon Redshift data with dozens of our other platforms and APIs for even more complex and insightful presentations.

Simply connect to your Redshift Database, select a predefined table or view or customise your query with our SQL editor to get started.

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Key Benefits

Build easy to share data stories using your existing data and models

Businesses have often spent a lot of time collecting and cleaning data for dashboards and analytics. Now you can use the exact same data in Nugit Data Stories, the easiest way to deliver presentation-ready insights to your business users. 

Advanced Modelling

If your company has SQL experts available, they can transform the model the data to prepare it for visualisation in Nugit. 

Combine Redshift Data with Nugit APIs for a complete picture

Close gaps in your data warehouse coverage by combining your Amazon Redshift Data with Nugit's other APIs such as Google, Facebook and Mixpanel to build complete reports and stories to meet your business users needs. 

Data Story Reports for Everyone.

Automate beautiful data story reports that everyone in the organisation can understand & act on. Analysts can focus on modelling the data and Nugit translates it for business users, clients & data novices.

Create More Advanced Nugit Data Stories

By Modeling and Transforming your database data you're able to create more advanced Nugit stories showcasing your entire Customer Journey or other in depth business situations.

How It Works

Enhance your business data capabilities with Nugit & Amazon Redshift. This infographic gives an overview of how Amazon Redshift's key strengths combine with Nugit for high impact data sharing.

Experience the joy of data

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