Connect your Databases to Nugit with Sisense

Nugit integrates with Sisense to offer users an add-on service that can make automated Data Storytelling achievable for even the most complex business use-cases.

The BI platform has a diverse range of data connectors & tools that enable the use of sophisticated data models for expert data users. Combining Sisense data tools with Nugit’s Data Storytelling platform unlocks a range of extra benefits.

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Key Benefits

Diverse Range of Data Connectors

Sisense has direct integrations with many additional data sources, allowing you to pull even more data into Nugit to use in your data stories.

Tools for Expert Users

If you have data experts within your business, Sisense provides them with unrivalled flexibility to model data in many ways, to create custom dashboards and perform complex queries.

Connects to Your Data Warehouse.

Sisense has direct integrations with key data warehouses including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery & many more. Now you can create data stories from this data with no development work needed.

Data Story Reports for Everyone.

Automate beautiful data story reports that everyone in the organisation can understand & act on. Analysts can focus on modelling the data and Nugit translates it for business users, clients & data novices.

Create More Advanced Nugit Data Stories

By Modeling and Transforming your database data you're able to create more advanced Nugit stories showcasing your entire Customer Journey or other in depth business situations.

How other businesses are using Sisense & Nugit

Here's real life examples of how Sisense capabilities can enhance your data stories...


Ralali use Sisense with Nugit to enable them to efficiently pull in data from multiple complex data warehouses to be used alongside other sources in their analytics and reporting.


This global consumer brand uses Sisense to connect on-premise and cloud databases, automate advanced business logic and data transformation. This is helping users create data stories across their entire customer journey.

How It Works - The Technical Bit

Enhance your business data capabilities with Nugit & Sisense. This infographic gives an overview of how Sisense key strengths complement Nugit.

Service Your Whole Organisation

Combining Nugit with the aditional capabilities of Sisense means that you can produce sophisticated ouputs suited to every person and situation in your organisation.

Supported Integrations by Sisense

By using Sisense, you'll be able to pull in data from these sources (plus many more) automatically via API...


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