Free your Marketing & Agency teams from the burden of data analytics
Personalised data stories in a format and frequency you control.
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Marketing Stories with Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform

Multi-channel insights

Instantly combine data from different platforms to create engaging stories for campaign reporting, benchmarking, planning and optimisation.


Each user can choose the format, frequency and contents of their data story, at a speed that scales across the business.

Live stories

Allow your audience to engage and explore the content further, deep-diving into specific areas and even downloading raw data behind a story

Increase productivity

Analytics teams operate more efficiently, with delivery of results reduced from days to just minutes per report.

Automated delivery

Set schedules for common stories such as campaign reporting to completely automate the process and keep everyone up-to-date on performance.

Secure your data

Fine-grain controls to manage each users access to data in large teams or client groups.

"The Nugit AdWords recommendations help my team deliver the very best campaigns for our clients across APAC using industry-standard best practices that ensures our results are continuously improving."

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 - Director, Sales Analytics & Solutions

Video Demonstrations

Check out our series of video demonstrations below to learn how easy it is to become a data storyteller with Nugit.

Scheduling a report
Scheduling a report
Find out how simple Nugit’s scheduling feature is with Jermaine
Managing & inviting users
Managing & inviting users
Mito shows you how to manage your team and invite users
Creating a one-click story
Creating a one-click story
Learn how to create a data story in one click with Thu
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