Automate your Miaozhen analytics and reporting with Nugit

Nugit helps you understand your enterprise data through storytelling, so you can make smarter and faster decisions.  

  • Connect your Miaozhen data in seconds - no IT help needed
  • Build your Data Stories and automate them with a few clicks
  • Receive insight-rich, descriptive reports you can instantly turn into evidence-backed decisions


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Upgrade your Miaozhen data reporting

Build engaging Stories from your Miaozhen data fast.

Trending data

Daily Trend Spotting

Deliver simple, insightful reports that highlight your campaign performance over a week, month or custom date range.
Powerpoint Reports

Present straight to Powerpoint

Having to screenshot and assemble charts from raw data of dashboards is a thing of the past. Share your data stories out straight to Powerpoint. 

Schedule reports

Access reports on the go

Rushing from meeting to meeting? Get your insights in an easy to read format in your inbox. Schedule exactly when you want your team to receive detailed, clear and concise data supporting your marketing activities.

Customer Stories

Aggregating regional data across markets

A strong investment into programmatic advertiser lead to Tim’s Chinese counterparts investing in the use of Miaozhen for their Digital Advertising.

Collating their data to gel with the regional team’s was proving to be a bit of a challenge using CSVs and spreadsheets, which was extremely prone to human error.

With Nugit, the team was able to automatically visualize data across different platform accounts, and present their results in Powerpoint, all ready for management review.

Data analytics storytelling made easy

With omni channel marketing within Miaozhen, crafting strategy around the distribution of the advertising budget required a lot more of Ming’s time.

Before Nugit, he found himself spending majority of his reporting hours just data wrangling. After Nugit, Ming was able to design better strategy, having gotten to his insights quicker, and even tell better stories back to his manager on how the campaigns were performing.


Data Stories save you some of it, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Report Builder

Get up and running in minutes

Set your platform up and learn how to use Data Stories instantly. The times spent chasing support and squandering money to hire a "product expert" are over.

Always keep on top of your competition

Get predefined reports emailed to you daily, weekly, monthly or on a custom date range. Share them with your team and make real-time decisions with executives.

A platform you love to use, day in and day out

Every month, we build new visualisations and data connectors giving you fresh, smart ways to work with the platform. Your ROI grows with us.

Make data your profit centre

Save your analyst countless hours spent sorting through data, identifying key metrics and creating charts and graphs that don't tell you anything meaningful.

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For Miaozhen



Let Nugit carry the burden of analysing and sorting through your data with over 24 integrations you can synchronise and start using today.

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Tailor-made solutions for companies across all verticals

  • Build data integrations with any source, including internal data
  • Add your own business logic to automate your company reporting
  • Create new data visualisations and custom-made infographics
  • Upgrade to single sign-on for greater security and user management
  • Embed charts within your intranet or custom reports
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