A platform that unlocks the possibilities of your business data
Automated data analytics, visualisations, storytelling and sharing
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Magazine style browsing of reports

Visual gallery of information that makes discovering insights enjoyable. Teams can explore, share, comment and customise stories effortlessly.

Say goodbye to data silos

Combine data from multiple sources in an instant. Perfect for bringing together all your data spread across different platforms.

Natural Language for clarity and context

Automated explanation of key trends in simple English ensures your audience can quickly connect the dots and gain real insights.

Best in class visualisations

Present your business data in engaging formats that use natural language and infographic designs to bring information to life.

Make Nugit yours with full customisation

Tailor the data sources, colours, visualisations and story templates to your business requirements.

Connecting your data to Nugit is easy

Add data from over 25 online platforms in a few clicks. Our powerful enterprise data features allow you to organise data into groups, manage access, and create cross channel segments in a delightful web interface.

Video Demonstrations

Check out our series of video demonstrations below to learn how easy it is to become a data storyteller with Nugit.

Scheduling a report
Scheduling a report
Find out how simple Nugit’s scheduling feature is with Jermaine
Managing & inviting users
Managing & inviting users
Mito shows you how to manage your team and invite users
Creating a one-click story
Creating a one-click story
Learn how to create a data story in one click with Thu
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