A Data Storytelling Platform that automates the entire process of Data Extraction, Analysis, Visualisation and Story Creation

Fast and simple Data integration and management with the Nugit Data Factory

Add data from over 25 online platforms in a few clicks and make it available to your team to build data stories.

Powerful enterprise data features allow you to organise data into groups, manage access, and create cross channel segments ready for your team to analyse.

Nugit Data Integrations
Nugit Story Builder

Create Data Stories in Real-time with Nugit's Story Editor

With all your marketing data now at your fingertips, you can be the creator of data stories that answer important business questions as fast as your imagination allows.

See your story develop in real-time as you effortlessly drag and drop Nugit modules into your story canvas. Refine your analysis with custom visualisations, metrics, comments and filters for each section.

Share Nugit Data Stories in PowerPoint, Email, Web and TV

Export into formats that suit your business workflows. Amazing editable PowerPoint files to combine with other business information. Or short emails, that can be easily discussed and forwarded. For full interactivity, share a Nugit Live View and users can explore and engage with the story in their web browser.


Nugit Story Output
Nugit Reporting Analytics Workflow

Automate Delivery of your data Stories

Apply a daily, weekly or monthly schedule to any Nugit Data Story and it will be automatically updated and delivered to your list of recipients on the day and time you decide to suit your workflow.

“Scheduled Stories saves me hours of time and effort every week, I don’t have to think about updating my boss about the marketing performance” - Client quote

Dozens of features to help you create personalised data stories for your audience

  • Custom Metrics to tailor the metrics
  • Powerful Date Selector
  • Advanced Data Filtering
  • User Management
  • Data Groups
  • Smart Captions explain insights in English
  • Custom Logo and Colours
  • Support for multiple time zones
  • Alias to rename fields
  • Templates for common reports

Intelligent Technology makes getting up and running for your analytics storytelling easy and fast. 

Nugit Data Harmonisation

One Click Data Harmonisation and management across multiple platforms



Natural Language Generation

Human Language Insights captions to help make stories easier to understand

Nugit Automated Updates

Automated updates sent to your inbox when interesting events are detected

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Our AI technology works for people by reducing the complexity of collating data and turning it into valuable insights. This makes managing data so easy and natural, it becomes a business advantage.


We provide people-driven designs that are intuitive and easy to work with. Our people are marketers too, and we understand what you need.


We exceed expectations by providing people with clear and impactful insights through decision-ready reports. These reports are easy to understand and share with others.


Answer business questions with amazing simplicity and clarity
Funnel: Path To Conversion

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Understand the path to purchase for each of your platforms and optimise towards higher conversions.



Top Performing Ads

Top Performing Ads

See your top performing ad images and copies at one glance. Filter, sort & customise according to your needs. 

Demographic - Audience Age Gender

Demographic Analysis

Uncover the opportunities within your target audience and compare impressions and conversions across your campaigns.


For instant synchronisation of data and real time storytelling. 

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