Celebrating 5 years of Data Storytelling Innovation

Here’s a summary of our journey helping companies unlock the possibilities of their data.

Oct 2013

Nugit is founded

inspired by that magical golden nugget you discover that can drive results, create ideas and change the way you think about a problem.

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Nov 2013

The first Nugit of insight is delivered

via an email infographic to marketing services company GroupM.

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APR 2014

We begin with
Automated AdWords recommendations

that use interactive Health Check and Scorecard visualisations to help marketers deliver best practices and improve ROI.

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Jul 2014

Nugit evolves to highlight  the most important trends

in digital media activities, helping marketers focus on what matters most.

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Jan 2015

Customers can now build visual reports on the fly

with real time data via the first drag-and-drop story builder.

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Mar 2015

Nugit goes one step further for our customers

by introducing editable PowerPoint story exports which quickly became the most popular format for sharing insights.

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May 2015

Finding optimisation opportunities is easier

with the introduction of visualisations that simplifly the analysis of advertising performance for each day part.

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Oct 2015

Multi-channel reporting is now automated

with Nugit’s data harmonisation engine automatically extracting, cleaning and combining siloed data into one stream.

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Mar 2016

Nugit helps
Johnson & Johnson transform into a
Data Storytelling company

shifting business teams from dashboards and spreadsheets to visual stories that bring transparency to marketing activities.

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Oct 2016

IBM embraces
Data Storytelling with Nugit

providing the technology giant with natural language powered insights into their B2B marketing activities.

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Apr 2016

Facebook automates over 50,000 Business Reviews

with a customised Nugit solution that reduces turn-around time from 10 days to 15 minutes per presentation and enables sales teams to serve advertisers at scale.

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Jun 2016

Goal tracking
and forecasting is made simple

with automated predictive models that update customers in real time on the performance of activities.

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Oct 2016

Sequoia joins
our family with a
US$5.2M investment

enabling us to increase investment in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language to become the leading Data Storytelling Platform for Enterprises.

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Jan 2017

Creative performance is brought to life

with a suite of native visualisations to help marketers and creatives analyse content assets on demand.

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Feb 2017

Date Your Colleague brings Nugit’s team closer together

with 100’s of company sponsored lunch and dinner dates for data scientists, storytellers, customer success and engineers to share ideas and perspectives.

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Feb 2017

Enterprise grade controls to personalise each metric

allowing customers to incorporate advanced business logic without the support of the BI teams.

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May 2017

The Datalab by Nugit opens in Singapore

creating a space for the community to collaborate, learn and share ideas.
Or just play Foosball.

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Aug 2017

LinkedIn partners with Nugit

producing an exclusive suite of interactive visualisations that provide clarity to the B2B platform’s advertising performance.

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Oct 2017

First automated alerts are sent to users highlighting unexpected trends in their data

monitoring every data segment and producing short stories explaining what happened and why.

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Oct 2017

Numbers transform into English sentences to add meaning to data

with automated headlines, annotations and text summaries enhancing each visualisation. A research study showed Nugit’s text statements to be perceived as 30% more human than descriptions from human analysts.

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Feb 2018

Getting started on Nugit is faster than ever

with dozens of stories available to customers in just a single click, using our advanced #storyfirst technology.

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Jun 2018

Every story is unique and on brand with personalised themes

where customers can control the look and feel of their data stories, perfectly matched to corporate style guides in just a few clicks.

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Jun 2018

Nugit launches in Australia

expanding our support and product features for the Australian market and helping marketers, publishers and technology companies realise the posilbities of their data.

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Jul 2018

HealthEngine partners with Nugit to analyse patient doctor interactions

Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform is adapted to the healthcare industry, providing insights on patient services interactions for 100’s of healthcare providers across Australia.

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Jul 2018

It’s never been a better time to be a Data Storyteller

We’re excited to be powering the shift from dashboards to data stories everyone can understand. With plenty more innovation in the pipeline, there’s lots ahead to look forward to. We can’t wait to empower every organisation with Data Storytelling superpowers.

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