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Give everyone access to data to do their jobs well

“I have never had this kind of data at my fingertips! I always had to ask people for it and it would take weeks. Now I can just go into Nugit to access data from the dozens of platforms we use and see what’s happening… today!  I look infinitely smarter.”

Sumeet Narula, Johnson & Johnson

 - Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Strategy USA

Drive productivity with full automation of the analytics process

“We send out 40 monthly reports to stakeholders. We do all reports in Nugit. Nugit is the best way of sending out 40 reports automatically. With Nugit it takes me about 2 hours to review all reports and send them out. It’s a massive productivity boost.”

Audi Australia

Become a strategic business partner

“Before Nugit, we could never find a reporting solution that truly showcases our marketing efforts across 28 countries. The most common challenge we face is to make what we do accountable with analytics. Nugit enabled us to become a strategic business partner and not a cost centre.”

Jane Lim, TUV Rheinland

 - Director of Marketing & Communications, APAC IMEA Region

Discover our solutions

Business Reporting

For all teams that use data to understand trends & opportunities.

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Customer Reporting

For publishers, tech companies and marketplaces that want to share data with customers at scale.

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Agency Reporting

For media agencies that want to drive productivity and level up their client ROI.

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Make the shift from dashboards to data storytelling today

“For humans, whilst data is absolutely essential and helpful to take actions, what really drives action is an emotionally resonant story. Hence, data alone isn’t enough. Actionable insights are great but what we need to really make it stick is storytelling.”


 - Head of Insights & Analytics, Marketing Solutions APAC

What is a Data Storytelling Platform?

It’s the fastest and easiest way to turn your data into presentation ready stories at scale

Story Builder

The intuitive interface lets you build from scratch or tailor suggested template stories as you go.

Natural Language Infographics

Choose from dozens of unique infographics with automated English language text summaries.

Data Factory

Connect, manage and harmonise your data sets across hundreds of platforms with easy to setup custom metrics, groups and segments.

Automate and Scale

A suite of tools to scale data storytelling to all your teams including One-Click Stories, Batch Creation and Auto-onboarding.

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Nugit supports live data from dozens of platforms

All your data from leading platforms, internal databases and spreadsheets can be added in a few clicks via our Data Factory.

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