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Nugit helps businesses move from data in spreadsheets and dashboards to amazing data stories with our Data Storytelling Platform.

We integrate your company data sources and utilise the power of AI so you can effectively communicate your data at scale using visualisations and narrative that provides context.

Give your business instant stories in a format and frequency you control.

Nugit is Fully Automated. Scalable. Subscription-Based. Enterprise Ready.

Customer Stories

For media and tech companies

Sales and customer success teams use Nugit to improve the value they deliver to customers. Carefully crafted data presentations that previously took days, now takes just minutes and scales from one customer story to thousands.

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Marketing Stories

For marketing teams and agencies

Marketing and agency teams can move from dashboard overload to powerful, engaging and presentation ready stories across all of their activities, giving back ownership and control of outcomes.

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explain video

Move from Dashboards to Data Storytelling

Nugits platform goes beyond just presenting data by adding context & narrative, so your audience can connect the dots & see the opportunities that matter.

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Fast data integration

Connect data from 25 direct integrations or upload via CSV.


Automation & AI

Our technology automatically analyses, cleans & suggests the most relevant stories.


Online Story Builder

Customised One Click Stories allows anyone to be a data storyteller.

Top Features

Complete automation of data processing, analysis, visualisation and presentation.

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"Nugit allows us to take the ownership of managing marketing for our key accounts successfully; it provides good snippets of how I can tweak and fix campaigns across various platforms. With an easy to understand interface, I can use it effectively to understand how my budget is being spent and how I can plan it better."

Mahima Kaur

 - Senior Regional Digital Manager at Ogilvy

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