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Humans are hardwired to share stories that provide real meaning. With information overload being the new evolutionary hurdle for businesses and individuals, only data storytelling can put a human perspective on the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world of the digital era.
"Data storytelling enables us to connect the dots, gain real insights."
Sharing data in spreadsheets and dashboards alone are not enough. They lack context and meaning for people. Data storytelling enables us to connect the dots, gain real insights and people can take ownership of the new knowledge. Nugit’s data stories are evidence-based reports that employ visuals and natural language that enable people to make sense of otherwise overwhelming amounts of complex information.
This realises the full potential of all data, providing infinite scaling and immediate insights. Everyone can focus on making the information work for them rather than the other way around.
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With a Data Storytelling Platform your data becomes


Tap into one space for all your information to gain any perspective at any time. Scale information requests to the infinite.


Connect the dots and jump directly to discussing insights, not masses of facts. Speak the language of your audience, making them comfortable to act.


Accelerate productivity with automation of analysis and visualisation; and redeploy human resources to activities that create value.

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