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Mastering Custom Metrics for Cross-Platform Data
11th July 2017 (Tues)
1130am SGT / 9am IST / 1.30pm AEST

If you’re using multiple marketing platforms for all your campaigns, it’s often hard to understand the performance of your marketing strategy as a whole. The key issue is that different platforms use different metrics. Understanding your metrics well and mastering expertly-designed custom metrics can help you to aggregate cross-platform data easily for greater clarity of your campaigns.

During this webinar we will be sharing:

  • How to identify the right metrics you need
  • The most popular cross-platform metrics, their formulas, and their benefits
  • Best practices for creating and using custom metrics
  • Q&A

Can't make it for this one? Join the next one on 8th August (Tues). Register in advance by emailing marketing@nugit.co.

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