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The Anatomy of a Good Report

10th October 2017 (Tues)

1130am SGT / 9am IST / 1.30pm AEST

What good are business reports if we aren’t able to get insights from them? From report format, choice of data visualisation, right down to chart titles, Fey Cho, Account Strategist at Nugit, breaks down what differentiates an outstanding, useful report from an ordinary one — so your team can move from data to decisions at the speed of business. 
Fey hails from a digital media agency background and is fascinated with the technology behind digital advertising and end-to-end tracking, hence focusing more than half her career on this aspect. 

During this webinar we will be sharing:

  • Elements in a report and each of their best practices
  • Recommended flow of business reports
  • How to choose the best types of visualisations for different kinds of data
  • Q&A

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