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From Manual to Marvellous. Agency Alexandria Strategy show their data who's boss

Published on Mar 30, 2019 0:00 AM

Meet Alexandria Strategy

Alexandria Strategy is a Media Agency & Strategic Consultancy company based in Indonesia. Their small and nimble team look after advertising and positioning for their clients. This includes, amongst other things, running strategic marketing and branding campaigns for a large nationwide business with over 1000 personnel.

(From left to right) Jonathan End, Jill Bobby & Guntur Mallarangeng all from Alexandria Strategy with Nugit CS Manager Eunmi Jean during a visit to Nugit HQ.

The Problem

Manually dealing with large amounts of data across a number of channels, plus clients expecting instant updates and regular campaign analysis was putting a strain on resources. The agency was looking for a way they could analyse and visualise this data to enable them to produce impressive reports and make the best campaign decisions. Hiring an expensive Data Analyst seemed like the only option. Until...

They discovered Nugit.

In June 2018 Alexandria Strategy heard about Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform and decided to give it a try. Roll on 6 months and things have really changed for their team. They’re free from the pressures of manually dealing with data and now enjoying the benefits of being able to impress their clients with instant insights and beautiful reports.

We spoke to Co-founder Guntur Mallarangeng to understand better why Nugit was the best solution for them.

The best bits.

Guntur explains Before we got Nugit, we had to extract data from each advertising platform and compile it manually. Nugit has really simplified the process and freed up a lot of our time.”

He continues, “Now, as all our data sources are connected to Nugit we can easily access all data without manual work. The story builder makes producing our weekly reports simple. Also, our clients love the reports. It’s very easy to read insights with simple visualisations and they look really nice..”

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“Nugit helps the team to work efficiently.”

“Nugit made our team’s jobs a lot easier. Jill, who manages media planning and campaigns, can easily monitor marketing campaign performances. It’s easy for her to check spend across multiple channels as the information is all in one place. She can easily report on the numbers if one of our clients wants an instant update on how much they’ve spent for a campaign or any other ad-hoc request.  

“Jonathan who works on creatives can easily check which creatives are performing better than the rest by using ‘top performing/image’ nugit. This lets him make the best decisions to maximise our efficiency.”

An example of a creative comparison nugit. (not real data) The NLG clearly explains what the data is saying in human speak.

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“Nugit saves us human resource costs.”

“Before using Nugit, we planned to hire a Data Analyst to work with our data and produce visualisations. Now we have Nugit we don’t need to hire an analyst anymore, saving us a lot of money. I think Nugit is super useful for small to medium consulting companies because It saves a lot in HR costs. We’ve saved the equivalent of hiring 1-2 data analysts. Paying a fixed cost per month through Nugit has made things much simpler as we don’t need to worry about employees salary, healthcare, perks etc”

Support at every stage.

Nugit assigns a Success Manager to all our customers and it’s their role to provide guidance at every step. From onboarding and learning the ropes through to creating tailored Data Story templates geared for your business. Guntur had this to say about their dedicated Nugit customer service manager, Eunmi.

“Eunmi has been awesome, a great support to us and always there to help with prompt responses.”

So there you have it. From manual to marvellous, Alexandria Group is yet another happy Nugit customer. 

Between our Data Storytelling Platform and our supportive team, we can help you overcome any of your data problems. Alexandria Strategy use Nugit to integrate campaign data from channels including Twitter, FB pages, FB ads, Instagram, Google Adwords and many more. See the full list of available integrations.

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