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April Product Updates: Here’s what’s new for you

Published on Apr 25, 2017 19:30 PM

We rolled out 8 major upgrades in March, but we didn’t just stop there; improvements are a journey and not a destination for us in making your experience with Nugit bigger and better. We’ve had some positive feedback from our last round of upgrades, and here we are delivering the latest and greatest based on your suggestions:

Aim higher with our advanced Goal setting –
Tracking your performance across all metrics, dimensions and data sources within a group has never been easier. Our Goals Nugit gets a boost with the added functionality of being able to customise the metrics measured. You can now track your metrics on a granular level, or even track targets over several accounts together, allowing you greater visibility and flexibility. Our Goals functionality also provides foresight and predicts what future performance might be like, based on previous trends and behaviours.

Simply head to the Nugit panel on the right (shown below) and drag-and-drop. You can now set your individual goals, and even get a summary of all your goals displayed, after.

Next level filtering –

Just like our Goals, our Filters have also been given an upgrade. Each Nugit now comes with its own set of filters, with ‘AND’ & ‘OR’ options. For example, you can now measure one campaign’s results from Google Analytics AND data from Google AdWords OR Facebook Ads campaigns. This allows you to build more in-depth and compelling reports by filtering by small slices of data, across various platforms.

Where in the world –

We also have a new addition to the Nugit visualisations family. Say hello to our Geographic Nugit, which allows you to discover where your best markets are. Drill down to country and campaign level data to explore engagement, conversions and other metrics in your reporting.  

Publishers rejoice with our new data integration

We’ve also fully launched DoubleClick for Publishers! Our DFP integration will be able to help publishers automate reports for their clients, combining their ad inventory data with DoubleClick and Analytics platforms in a way that has never been possible before. To jump on board, simply contact your Nugit Account Strategist today!

Read about our May product upgrades here.

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