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The Nugit Customer Awards 2018

Published on Dec 12, 2018 7:00 AM

Move over Oscars, step to the side Grammys... the Nugit Awards are here.

With another busy year coming to a close we decided to round off 2018 by celebrating some of our customer's biggest achievements this year. Introducing the first ever Nugit Customer Awards…

A HUGE thank you.

We’re super grateful for all the support we’ve had from our wonderful customers this year. With a huge choice of products out there we understand the leap of faith you’ve taken when you chose to work with us. We’re delighted that more and more businesses are starting to benefit from the power of data storytelling and wanted to take this chance to show our appreciation for all the hard work that our clients have put in this year.

A Moment in the spotlight.

The Nugit Customer Success team got their heads together to analyse this year's data and decide who should receive one of our prestigious Nugbot trophies. Little did they know the meanies in the marketing team would then ask each of them to go on camera to present the awards. (Cue groans, nervous giggles and lots of hair brushing).

Our CS team work closely with all Nugit’s customers, usually behind the scenes. From crafting story templates to answering all their Qs, each member of the team goes above and beyond to make sure our clients get maximum value from the platform. Today was a little different as the team found themselves suddenly thrust into the spotlight. < watch the video >

So, without further ado…

Most Creative Data Story (presented by Eunmi)

Congratulations… Alley Group. We love how you’ve added amazing visuals to your stories and the fact you’ve set up 12 different templates each with its own tactics.

Alley uses Nugit to share their Data Stories using one one-click templates. The team set up 12 customised templates each with its own tactics. These customised templates allow Alley to report with consistent key metrics and customised visuals for each of their 23 clients.

Expert User (presented by Yinghui)

Congratulations... Starcom. With over 160 report edits, 300 page views and almost 100 custom metric edits you really are pros.

Starcom is using Nugit to provide their client Banyan Tree with visual stories presenting the performance & insights of each of their properties. From digital marketing efforts to actual bookings made, the reports give each hotel a broad view of their results and help them spot opportunities to improve.

Biggest Sharer (presented by Lael)

Congratulations... Starcom. Another award for the team at Starcom. We’ve recorded 155 data story shares so far in the Nugit platform.

Biggest Reach (presented by Andrea)

Congratulations… Johnson & Johnson. A well-deserved award thanks to your growth activation week where the regional analytics team presented beauty findings and insights to over 150 participants from APAC.

J&J uses Nugit’s stories to track performance across the entire digital consumer journey in real-time against KPIs & benchmarks. Through this, Nugit has helped J&J to uncover media opportunities of over $15mil across 10 markets in APAC.

Fastest Learner (presented by Charlotte)

Congratulations… Anywhr. You completed the onboarding and first workshops in less than 3 weeks and started to produce great data stories very soon after that.

Anywhr uses Nugit to track all their marketing including social media, AdWords, emails and customer feedback. Each story helps different teams deliver better traveler experiences.

Biggest Nugit Fan (presented by Pheng)

Congratulations Alexandria Strategy. We love that you are so happy with Nugit, and the HR costs it has saved, that your team made the trip all the way from Jakarta to visit us here at Nugit HQ.

Alexandria strategy uses Nugit to track marketing performance and share regular reports to their clients. They also use Nugit for budget tracking across multiple channels using the goal tracking function and for optimising creative with the top performing ads visuals.

The team from Alexandria Strategy visited Nugit all the way from Jakarta.

Missed out this year? Don’t worry, now the CS team have had a taste of life in the limelight we’re sure they’ll be keen to present more customer awards next year. In the meantime why not speak to your account manager to see how you can work together to bag your business a prestigious Nugbot trophy next time?

Want to see more times we made the team take centre stage? Watch our Nugit video demos

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