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Published on Sep 24, 2018 7:30 AM

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You walk into a meeting armed with stats and a kick-ass presentation. You feel confidence washing over you. Your voice is clear and calm. You look around the room to a sea of approving looks and nods of appreciation. Boom. Nailed it. You are a Data Story Boss. (Well, you soon will be…)

Being a modern-day marketer is a tough job. Juggling multiple projects should be in the job description, it’s such an essential skill. Bombarded with endless data... sales figures, website analytics, and campaign statistics how do you pick out the key insights? How do you communicate those insights in a way that drives understanding and action? How do you make time to keep on top of the data when it changes so often?

Don’t be a slave to data

Spreadsheets and dashboards can be useful, but they aren’t enough in this data-driven era. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every single day and static tools don’t add any insight or explanation. The pressure remains on the marketing team to figure out what secrets are hiding within. Read More: Big data stats.

The power of (data) stories.

Throughout time, storytelling has been a powerful tool to share ideas in a way that is persuasive, engaging, and memorable. Humans are hard-wired for stories. A study by Stanford professor Chip Heath (Author of Made to Stick) found 63% of people could remember stories, but only 5% could remember a single statistic. Imagine if there was a way to add this storytelling dimension to your marketing data. Read more: What Is Data Storytelling?

Say hello to Nugit... the Data Storytelling Platform.

Nugit is the secret weapon you need to be a Data Story Boss. It’s a next-generation data storytelling platform that combines smart data science, beautiful visualisation, and a clear narrative to showcase what’s going on behind the numbers in the most engaging way.

Transform how you deal with data. Nugit gives you a pocket full of insight and a headful of ideas. See how

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Speedy insights with Artificial Intelligence.

Nugit uses the latest AI technology to analyse your data instantly - eliminating hours of trawling through spreadsheets, dashboards, and pages of numbers. The platform integrates with all your business data sources, everything from social media accounts, website analytics, e-marketing campaigns, sales figures and more. It picks out all the relevant, interesting bits and turns them into a beautiful and engaging visual data story with clear insights and explanations. Now you can produce the best, most insightful data presentations quicker than you can make a frothy cappuccino.

Puts you in control for better results.

No more afternoons spent lost in a sea of data wondering if you’ve interpreted the numbers right. Nugit turns your data into actionable insights and helps you uncover real opportunities. It takes care of all the data analysis legwork so you can concentrate on making the information work for you. Move some ad-spend, tweak that creative, swap the subject line. Better results, faster.

Bespoke presentations at your fingertips.

Beautiful data visualisation makes your message clearer and more engaging. Never again will you have to waste time choosing and arranging the correct chart. Nugit’s data stories are packed with customised infographics and unique, engaging images to help your team understand what’s going on.

Robot tech that speaks like a real person.

Keep things simple. Nugit’s data analyst (or what we like to call Nugbot) has been trained to speak in simple English and won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon. It uses NLG (Natural Language Generation - also known as Natural Language Processing) to provide a human narrative to your stories, adding clarity, and context to help you make sense of complex data.

On time every time with zero-click reports.

Say bye to tedious reports. You can even automate your data stories to go to different people. Just decide who needs to see what and when, customised data stories will land straight in their inbox as often as you choose. CEO wants a top line report once a month? Nugit does it! Sales team need a more in-depth breakdown every Monday?

Nugit does it! You don’t need to lift a finger.

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Data Story Boss skills roundup.

With this new skill set at your fingertips, you are unstoppable.

1 – Superhuman data analysis – ability to spot a trend, anomaly or insight at 100mph

2 – Data visualisation – create beautiful, engaging presentations instantly

3 – Clear communication – adding narrative to insights to make them easily understood

Prepare yourself for the massive surge in confidence, endless approving looks, nods of appreciation and countless hours of your life back. Are you ready to be a Data Story Boss?



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