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Is your Business Geared up for the Intelligent Future?

Published on Mar 19, 2017 22:30 PM

Analytics is a field of rapid transformation, and one that is particularly felt by those within digital marketing. While it is easy to buy-in to the power of data analytics, it is much harder to implement and realise its full potential.

As data science is gaining prominence, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cognitive-technologies, location-data and machine learning are on the verge of becoming a very real part of the consumer experience. But the opportunities they present are not without their challenges. Marketers already struggling with the velocity of data, are now also expected to make sense of the complexities of newer tools. What steps can companies take to reduce these oncoming issues and position themselves for the smarter future? Are we expected to work harder, or is there a smarter solution for all of this?

These questions and more will be discussed at Marketing’s fourth Analytics conference on 20 April at the Four Seasons Hotel. Other topics include:

  • Modernise your analytics for the smarter audience
  • Get a 360º understanding of your consumers of the future
  • Cognitive capabilities to improve engagement
  • Making sense of locations
  • Creating value for consumers with real-time analytics
  • Predictive Analytics – Only hear the good stuff?
  • The prescriptive power of data
  • Staying ahead of the curve with machine learning
  • Bridging Artificial Intelligence (AI) with human interaction
  • Tackling the analytics talent crunch
  • Create magic with Design Thinking

As a proud sponsor this year, Nugit’s Founder and CEO, Dave Sanderson, will be addressing common issues discussed by marketers in his talk – Fact or Fiction: Anyone can be an Analyst. What skills do you need to be an analyst? Do you really need to know SQL? Or is it more about knowing the right questions to ask? How are the characteristics of a successful data analyst changing with technology? The presentation will shed light on what this means for data transformation in your company, and the traditional guardians of data. 

Join us as we tackle these issues head on and discuss the steps needed to overcome the changes and challenges that lie ahead. To sign up or get more information, head to the Analytics 2017 site here.

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