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May Product Updates: Go private and get insights from Baidu!

Published on May 18, 2017 1:00 AM

Nugit is driven by the desire to help people realise the possibilities of data, so we’re always looking for ways to improve your reporting efficiency. Here’s a snapshot of a our new features and platforms we’ve come up with for you.

Be more in control with private reports

Take control of who gets to collaborate with you and see your full reports. With this feature, only the creator of the report has admin powers. This means you’re in total control of who gets to see or edit your reports. Choose to keep it private, invite others or make it public, simply by toggling the button.

Upgraded Nugit: Compare Segments

For those who love seeing the overview of their campaign performance with our Compare Segments Nugit, you'll love the new features we've built-in. You now have the option to:

Hide / Show your Volume Bar & Shading for easier comparison

Compare performance metrics by dimensions across any time period

You can even choose to turn off % Comparison with the new calendar!

More detailed CSV imports

You can now import CSV files with date and timestamp in cells. We also support more file formats, such as .txt, .zip, and .gz. Not only that, but importing CSVs with Chinese characters will be seamless.

Mobile App Insights from Google Analytics

You can now receive mobile app insights from your Google Analytics data with Nugit too. Find out if your mobile campaigns are hitting the mark and make informed decisions on your ad spend.

Hello, China!

Do you have campaigns running in China? Then you’ll love our Baidu integration which will help with your reporting. Simply connect your Baidu data on Nugit and easily compare across all platforms. Get a better overview of your campaigns and receive faster insights that highlight areas that needed to be prioritised. 

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