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Nugit’s March Product Updates: 8 New Features rolled out

Published on Mar 8, 2017 2:00 AM

At Nugit, you come first, and we’re always on the roll to make your experience with us better. This month, we’re proud to announce the launch of our latest product upgrades to make data faster & better. What exactly does this mean for you?

1. Up to 21 Times Faster Report Load Times

When you’re waiting around doing nothing, 10 seconds can sometimes feel like 10 minutes. You spoke and we heard, so our engineering team have just released the biggest speed update to Nugit this year. 

After tinkering under the data hood, the new Nugit report builder now loads up to 21 times faster; even faster for large reports and long date ranges. This means that you can spend more time on crafting your stories and providing detailed recommendations, and less time waiting for your data stories to load.

2. Combinselect metrics and segments across multiple data sources

Telling the whole story often requires you to merge data from different sources into one report. But data can get messy, and having to combine different data sources in different ways doesn’t help. In comes our Super Charged Custom Metric and Dimension Feature to the rescue! It now supports sophisticated controls to combine data exactly how you need it. You can use this feature to enable aggregation of select metrics and segments across multiple data sources. For example, you can now pull Clicks and Impressions from Facebook and Bing Search, and show them alongside calculated metrics from Google Analytics:

3. Transform Data on the fly, including “If this, then do that…”
Concerned about fluctuating currency conversion rates? Simply input formulas for new custom metrics to indicate exactly how much to multiply by (as in this example), and get your figures exactly the way you want them.

 4. Manage your Scheduled Reports

Sometimes you want to change the way you receive Nugit Scheduled Reports, but don’t want the hassle of going into each of your reports to update this manually. We’ve now built a single page for you to manage all your scheduled reports. You can access the feature from ‘Manage Nugit Reports’ link in the footer of any report emails you receive. 

Managing your scheduled reports is now a breeze!

 And that’s not all. We also rolled out: 

5. Revamped multiple chart designs 

To help you understand your data easily, we have professsionally redesigned various frequently used charts to provide a clearer overview of your key metrics and trends. We want you to be able to explore your data and find the best way of presenting the insights to your stakeholders. Sometimes it’s better to show a Pie Chart or a Table as opposed to a Graph – so we’ve made it easier for you to switch between visualisations with just one click! Everyone has their preference, and we want to empower you to tell your best story. Here are some of your favourites:


6. The new Scorecard Nugit

Sometimes you want to see everything – the big numbers, trends and changes that are happening in your data – all in one place, from 40,000 feet. The Scorecard Nugit has been built to provide you that capability. Each board on the summary page can be configured with its own Metric, Filter Settings, and Presentation Format including a Chart, Change Trend and Title to help you gather your important statistics at a glance. Use this flexible Nugit to build a custom view for specialized business needs, such as comparing and contrasting data across campaigns, or across different stages of customer’s lifecycle. 

7. Added new data integrations with DoubleClick Search, Mixpanel and Kenshoo

As requested by you, we’ve added the following data integrations to help you tell a more complete story of your data.

 8. Nugit Visualisation API

You can now embed Nugit content directly into your own sites with a simple RESTFUL API code easily obtained via our developer portal. We know your customers and stakeholders are discussing, learning and sharing ideas over shared spaces such as the Company Intranet, Blog and Knowledge Bases. You can now enhance this experience by embedding your live data visualized in easy to understand formats for sharing.

This feature is currently in early beta, contact your account strategist to try it out and see how the new improved Nugits work for you! 

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Product Upgrades will be a monthly feature, so stay tuned to our blogs or subscribe to our newsletter. 

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