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October Product Updates: Time to get Tweeting and other Nugit Tweaks

Published on Oct 22, 2017 19:00 PM

Many thought they would have to bid goodbye to the little blue bird, but Twitter prevailed and marketers who have been running campaigns on this social media platform will be thrilled with our upgrades this October. 

Get insights on your tweets

For starters, Nugit now supports Promoted Tweet Data for all Twitter Ads account. This new Nugit makes it much easier for Twitter marketers to review their Tweet's performance at scale and improve their creative content to make it more relevant for their audience. 

Visually Driven

That's not all, we've also created a new Image Performance Nugit for Google Adwords Display & Video Campaign. This means you can highlight the visuals of Adwords creatives and video thumbnails from Display & Youtube Ad Network. Along with Facebook Ads & LinkedIn, marketers can now drive effective creative content, while being able to review performance easily and at scale with Nugit's people-driven designs for creative data.

Easily track your ROI across all campaigns

Adobe Tracking Code

For advanced marketers who use Adobe Analytics to track their website activities, Nugit has integrated the full tracking code for all key metrics Nugits. This enables to enables users to fully review their website ROI across campaigns, channels, keywords or custom targeting category. 

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