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Tricks to Improve your Digital Marketing Campaigns by x10

Published on Sep 13, 2017 22:30 PM

Have you logged on to check on how your campaigns are doing and noticed any of the following trends?

  • Stagnant performance trends in your campaign
  • No spend in your campaigns or
  • Increased cost per conversion

Needless to say, that’s not great, and these are warning signs that your digital marketing campaign is probably not going to hit its KPIs. Not to worry, here are some quick optimization tips and tricks for you to get back on track:

  1. Increase your audience reach: By segmenting them into smaller groups. As a general rule, you should group your target interests into topics and create one ad set per topic. But to ensure this works, you need to ensure that your Target Audiences don’t overlap, otherwise your results will be skewed AND your audience will be put off by what appears to be spam ads by you.
  2. Do A/B testing on your creatives:Create multiple versions of your ad and run tests against each. The correct way to do this is to have only one variable, while keeping the rest of the ad the same. For example, if you’re A/B testing your headline to see which one garners more clicks, use a different one in each variation, but leave the image and description of the ad the same for both variations. To see which image is more attractive to your audiences, change the image and keep the copy for everything else the same.
  3. Rotate your ads / creatives: And once you’ve done your variations, don’t forget to rotate them to prevent ad fatigue. CTRs always drop after a while because your target audience is seeing the same ad over and over again. To keep it "fresh", always ensure that you rotate your ads so people don’t get bored, or worse, annoyed. The ads on rotation don’t need to be drastically different either. They just have to look varied enough to not look the same at a quick glance.

Your campaigns don’t have to be dull and stagnant, with numbers that die off towards the end. As one of the easier ways to garner a significant amount of quality traffic for your brand, it makes sense to monitor your ad campaigns closely, and set it up right from the get-go, opening doors to new opportunities for your business.

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