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Customer Stories with Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform


Value-based insights

Turn customer data into data stories that show value and drive outcomes.


Instantly build personalised data stories with narrative and context, using live customer data

Increase productivity

Analytics teams operate more efficiently, with delivery of results reduced from days to just minutes per report.

Natural language

Add context and clarity to your customer insights with engaging visualisations that include natural language and illustrations.

Engage customers

Create conversations with customers through credible data driven recommendations and advice

Complete control

Let customers choose the frequency and format of their updates, from email, PowerPoint & interactive web views.

"Nugit's technology has enabled our team to provide better advertising intelligence solutions at scale. The automated reporting workflow has substantially reduced the time it takes our team to prepare insightful reports for our clients."

andy radovic
Leading Technology Platform

 - Director, Sales Analytics & Solutions

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