Automate your Google Ads analysis and reporting with Nugit

Nugit helps you understand your enterprise data through storytelling, so you can make smarter and faster decisions.  

  • Connect your Google Ads data in seconds - no IT help needed
  • Build your Data Stories and automate them with a few clicks
  • Receive insight-rich, descriptive reports you can instantly turn into evidence-backed decisions


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Don't simply showcase Numbers

Build engaging Stories from your Google Adwords data fast.

Weekly Update

Build a weekly update

Repurpose time spend on manual reporting to send more frequent updates when needed. Nugit’s fully automated location insights from your data help you geo-optimise your digital media; find out where your highest value customers are located, where you are spending your media dollars and which users engage.

Automated KPI Tracking

Track your KPIs

Track the KPIs Google Ads gathers, in real time. Get instant reports on your data filtered by date, campaign, device, Ad Group, keyword type and others.  Find out your conversion rates and how successful your lead funnels are for your campaigns.

Nugit-Instant Creative Insights.png

Instant Creative visualised

Ditch the need for screenshots with automatic image reporting and tracking against your key metrics.

Ad Copy presentation

Ad Copy Presentation

Receive at-a-glance information on which Ad Copies, Keywords or Search Queries are delivering the best results in your campaigns, on different channels and from all devices. 

Understand how your customers search and generate new ideas to create potential keywords and exclude irrelevant ones.

Budget Tracking

Budget Tracking

Get your Clicks, Conversion metrics and Media Spend, clearly presented in a visual report, by  Ad Group, Device, Campaign and more.

Nugit-Adwords-PPC Tracking.png

PPC Reporting

Build custom Data Stories to help you understand how Spend, Impressions, organic search and more Ads metrics are impacting your bottom line. Keywords are supported in native languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other South East Asian characters. 

Customer Stories

Communicate Better

As a Google Ads certified practitioner, Amy has been optimising her Adwords campaigns like an expert, and has improved ROI by 43%. Amy does not like doing presentations. Nugit automated her quarterly presentations to her boss and helped communicate her awesome results.

Customized report templates per Client

Producing SEM reports across her agency clients was a headache for Jenny as each of them wanted customized reporting templates and endless changes, until she started with Nugit.

Now, she can automate Ad hoc PPC reporting, high level or granular reports right down to the Ad Group or Ad Set level, including metrics for conversions and more! 


Data Stories save you some of it, so you can focus on growing your business.

Nugit Report Builder_560px_Loop.gif
Report Builder

Get up and running in minutes

Set your platform up and learn how to use Data Stories instantly. The times spent chasing support and squandering money to hire a "product expert" are over.

Always keep on top of your competition

Get predefined reports emailed to you daily, weekly, monthly or on a custom date range. Share them with your team and make real-time decisions with executives.

A platform you love to use, day in and day out

Every month, we build new visualisations and data connectors giving you fresh, smart ways to work with the platform. Your ROI grows with us.

Make data your profit centre

Save your analyst countless hours spent sorting through data, identifying key metrics and creating charts and graphs that don't tell you anything meaningful.

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For Google AdWords


Without writing a single line of code


Account Descriptive Name
Ad Network Type1
Ad Network Type2
Advertising Channel SubType
Advertising Channel Type
Base Campaign Id
Bidding Strategy Name
Bidding StrategyType
Bid Type
Campaign Desktop Bid Modifier 
Campaign Id
Campaign Mobile Bid Modifier 
Campaign Name
Campaign Tablet Bid Modifier 
Customer Descriptive Name
External Customer Id
Label Ids
Primary Company Name
Ad Group Id
Ad Group  Name
Base Ad Group Id
Bidding Strategy Source
Criteria Destination Url
Keyword Match Type
Business Name
Creative Destination Url
Criterion Id
Criterion Type
Description 1
Description 2
Device Preference
Display Url
Headline Part 1
Headline Part 2
Image AdUrl
Image Creative Image Height
Image Creative Image Width
Image Creative  Name
Long Headline
Path 1
Path 2
Short Headline
Hour Of Day
Day Of Week
Creative Id
Video Channel Id
Video Id
Video Title
Country Criteria Id
Region Criteria Id
City Criteria Id
Ad Format
Keyword Id
Keyword Text Matching Query
User List Name
Ad Group Desktop Bid Modifier 
Ad Group Mobile Bid Modifier 
Ad Group Tablet Bid Modifier 
ContentBidCriterionType Group
ConversionTracker Id
Criteria Parameters
Criteria Type Name
User Interest Name
Criteria Type
Keyword Text
Display Name
Conversion Category Name
Conversion Type Name




General Gmail
Clicks Gmail Forwards
Quality Score Gmail Secondary Clicks
Average Position Gmail Saves
Impressions Active View
Interactions ActiveView Impressions
Invalid Clicks ActiveView Measurability
Bounce Rate ActiveView Measurable Cost
  ActiveView Measurable Impressions
Impression Share  
Content Budget Lost Impression Share Conversions
Content Impression Share Conversion Value
Content Rank Lost Impression Share All Conversions
Search Budget Lost Impression Share All Conversion Value
Search Exact Match Impression Share Cross Device Conversions
Search Impression Share View Through Conversions
Search Rank Lost Impression Share Click Assisted Conversions
  Click Assisted Conversions Over Last Click Conversions
Video Click Assisted Conversion Value
Video Quartile 100 Rate Impression Assisted Conversions
Video Quartile 25 Rate Impression Assisted Conversions Over Last Click Conversions
Video Quartile 50 Rate Impression Assisted Conversion Value
Video Quartile 75 Rate Creative Conversion Rate
Video Views Creative Conversions
Video Duration  


Let Nugit carry the burden of analysing and sorting through your data with over 24 integrations you can synchronise and start using today.

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Tailor-made solutions for companies across all verticals

  • Build data integrations with any source, including internal data
  • Add your own business logic to automate your company reporting
  • Create new data visualisations and custom-made infographics
  • Upgrade to single sign-on for greater security and user management
  • Embed charts within your intranet or custom reports
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