Turn your Google Ads data into action with Nugit

Nugit extracts data from Google Ads and combines it with all your other business data to help you see the full story.

Nugit's AI technology is used to analyse all your data as one and transform it into beautiful data story reports with visualisations and insights the whole team can understand.

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“Nugit is very reader friendly; you see the graphs and you see how it summarises the data and customises the formula for specific metrics that you want to measure.

It cuts time instead of looking into different platforms and going to different team members to ask for data insights. We can see FB Ads and Google Ads on Nugit directly.

To me, it’s more time efficient and helps us manage our time on a daily basis.”

Starcom Indonesia

 - Global Network Clients Director

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Once I connect a new data source to Nugit how long will it take for the first live data to appear?

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