Stay current on your brand health with BrandIndex and Nugit

BrandIndex continuously tracks the fundamentals of brand health daily, allowing you to check your brand perception and react.

You can now easily extract and combine your BrandIndex data and your other data sources with Nugit to automatically create presentation ready data stories for your reporting.

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“There was a peak in our spending activity in the weekend for a client. When we investigated, it turned out that they were in the news for the wrong reasons. Because of that, it led us to add negative keywords etc.

Without Nugit we would not have caught it."

Ogilvy & Mather

 - Deputy Media Director

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Common Questions

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Once I connect a new data source to Nugit how long will it take for the first live data to appear?

Metrics & Dimensions

Some of the metrics we pull from BrandIndex
For more details on the complete list of metrics and dimensions, speak to sales


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