Case Studies

Stories from clients who have used Nugit to go from information to insight.

HealthEngine: Providing Business-Enhancing Communications to 1000's of Healthcare Practices.

With a small customer success team supporting thousands of practices, it's impossible for this Australian SaaS business to provide regular, valuable & personal communications to their customers. Or is it? Let's see how the introduction of data storytelling has changed things...

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Fave use Data Storytelling to enable 30,000 merchants to 'Grow-Their-Own' Business

'Favebiz Insights' provides >30,000 of Fave's Merchants with bite-size, easy-to-consume data insights to help them understand and improve their business performance. Discover how Nugit is powering this personalised service at scale with automated Data Storytelling...

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Becoming a Global Data Storytelling Company

This Global Pharmaceutical company were struggling to communicate complex data effectively between their various brand teams and territories worldwide before Nugit. Discover how Data Storytelling has changed everything. Heads of APAC Analytics team describe their transformational journey... 

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Kelloggs Nugit case study

Demystifying Data & Taking Control: How Kellogg's are Using Data Storytelling to Grow Brands Globally

Kellogg's APAC Marketing team look after the Kellogg's and Pringles brands plus 7 sub-brands across 10 markets... that's a lot of campaigns. Having visibility of all the necessary data to get the best ROI was a challenge the team were all too familiar with... 

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D3 - Our Secret to Wowing Customers & Giving Great ROI.

Founders of New Zealand based Digital Agency, D3, want to wow their clients, prove the ROI that they provide and produce automated reports that their clients actually want to read. Is there anything out there up to the job?

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Decision-Making is Made Easy For Starcom Clients

In this case study we will discover how Nugit has helped Yasir Riaz and his team to work more effortlessly with their media data. Yasir Riaz is the Head of Media at Publicis One Jakarta. Together with his team, they have been using Nugit for 2 years.

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From Cost Centre to Profit Centre: TUV Marketing Team use Data Storytelling to Prove Their Strategic Value.

Being responsible for the marketing & communications of any business across 28 countries is a tough task. Global testing company TUV have customers in many different industries, making the challenge for Jane Lim & her team even more complex. With most of the senior management thinking marketing metrics are 'fluffy', Jane needed to find a way of using data to prove the value of marketing and identify strategic opportunities for growth...

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From Manual to Marvellous. Agency Alexandria Strategy Show Their Data Who's Boss.

Indonesian Agency Alexandria Strategy are overfaced by their clients endless campaign data. They spend huge amounts of time manually aggregating data and creating reports. Maybe it's time to hire expensive expert data analysts? Or could there be another way...

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Audi Dealerships Are In the Driving Seat With Automated Data Stories

The Audi Dealerships in Australia all need regular digital media reports, tailored to their individual branch. Creating so many unique reports is a labour intensive, time-consuming task and key insights can easily be missed along the way. The team need to find a better way of working...

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Automating Publisher Reports for over 50,000 Advertisers

Discover how working with Nugit has enabled one of the biggest U.S. Digital Publishers to Automate reports for over 50,000 advertisers.

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Nugit helps Ogilvy Automate LinkedIn Reporting for Tech Giant

Delivering large scale reporting for one of the world’s leading tech firms is a huge responsibility. Find out how Nugit worked with Ogilvy.

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