Automating Publisher Reports for over 50,000 Advertisers

“Nugit's technology has enabled our team to provide better advertising intelligence solutions at scale. The automated reporting workflow has substantially reduced the time it takes our team to prepare insightful reports for our clients.”

— Director, Sales Analytics & Solutions

The Problem - Too many requests for analysts to handle...

To enable advertisers to plan their campaigns better, one of the world’s leading publishers produces both quarterly and monthly campaign reports for its clients. As the scale of their operation grew, with an ever increasing number of advertisers and salespeople, the company needed to produce more reports, more efficiently. Their team of analysts could no longer handle ad-hoc and on-demand report requests within a reasonable turnaround time. 

The Nugit Experience

Nugit's advanced reporting software has been customised according to the publisher platform’s stringent security and database requirements, and deployed on-site in their global HQ. The system was modified to integrate internal confidential benchmarking data which was only provided to their top advertisers and not publicly available. The project involved bespoke workflows, branding templates and multiple custom analytics algorithms to meet reporting requirements. Nugit’s engineers worked together with in-house data teams in order to ensure the complex deployment was rolled out successfully in just 4 months.

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The Nugit Output 

The result? The project achieved its key goal, which was to secure integration with the publisher platform’s API, internal databases and Salesforce to sync and analyse over 50,000 advertisers daily. The Nugit system powers thousands of multilingual reports for the sales teams monthly, generating each report within minutes without any human intervention. The fully automated reporting solution substantially reduced the average turnaround time per report from 2 weeks to just 10 minutes.

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