Decision-Making is Made Easy For Starcom Clients

The Problem

Starcom are a media agency that provide human experiences that bridge the gap between what people want and what brands need. With the responsibility of high-level strategic decision-making, Riaz needed a tool that saves time spent in rudimentary tasks, like manual data processing in the creation of a compelling report. 

At the team level, Nugit is used to track the performance of multiple media campaigns all at once. As the key to delivering a successful campaign is through consistent optimising, Lidia Rani, the digital manager working with Yasir Riaz, sets clear metrics so she can easily oversee her ongoing campaigns, and optimise accordingly.

Quickly Create Data Stories to be Sent and Shared

How it was before:

1. Manual extraction of data from dashboards of various platforms (Business Manager, Ad Server, Adwords etc...).

2. Tabulation of extracted data on excel.

3. Analysis of data.

4. Compilation of insights in a powerpoint report.

5. Additional time required to design a beautiful report and create copy to accompany the data.

Total time before Nugit: 5 days

Using Nugit, the platform that automates the entire process of data storytelling:

Step 1: Instantly integrate data sources; Nugit’s AI automatically cleans the data.

Step 2: Create one-click stories with industry leading visualisations and natural language.

Step 3: Share at scale via email, PPTX, TV presentation or interactive web links.

Total time using Nugit: 2 hours 

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“Using Nugit saved a lot of time for me and the team. Weekly report creation used to take 2 days but now it only takes 2 hours to set up the report. After that, it just takes 5 minutes to check the weekly data and share it with the stakeholders.”

Yasir Riaz Head of Media, Starcom Indonesia

Ownership of Data Across the Team

All Nugit Reports are Created within “Groups”

The back-and-forth passing of information is a key hindrance to productivity that the Nugit platform solves. By working in “Groups”. Yasir Riaz and his team can access key information in real-time to move a task forward.

The team also has complete control over who can access specific groups of data, known as segments. This makes macro-level decision making much faster and allows the team to control what data they share internally and with the client directly.

The result is less duplication of efforts, less wasted hours and less overtime!

“I have used it to keep track of important campaigns and see their progress. This means that I don’t have to wait for the team to report back on KPI progress, and can see it in Nugit myself.” 

Yasir Riaz, Head of Media Starcom Indonesia.

Setting “Goals” to Track & Optimise Campaigns

A digital manager that works with Yasir Riaz, uses “Goals” for all her clients to track the performance of her campaigns.

Why Nugit’s “Goal Setting” is so helpful


Set a few goals for every campaign to track performance.


By comparing different campaign variation that are set with the same goals, easily spot which one is doing better and optimise accordingly.

Client Understanding

Reports made with “Goal Setting” are easy-to-read and digestible, no separate client reporting powerpoint design is needed.

“Since our clients are primarily concerned with the plan versus the actual results of the campaign, the goal function helps visualise this information, and I use it in every report.”

Digital Manager Starcom Indonesia

Starcom used a cross-channel analysis for their clients, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads and LinkedIn. See which Data Sources can be integrated with Nugit